Not all heroes wear capes, in fact, this one wears a coat of fur!

A special dog from Minnesota has been deemed a hero after jumping into a cold river and saving a baby otter.

The 6-year-old Goldendoodle named Gus was recently diagnosed with cancer and as a result, had a leg amputated back in February.

That amputation did not stop this good boy from being a great boy!

On Easter Sunday, Gus was playing along the banks of the St. Croix River with his owners’ grandchildren, Ella and Lucy Hammerstrand.

Gus spotted something about 50 feet out in the water and decided to jump in and swim to it. Gus hadn't swam since the amputation, but he seemed to do just fine as he made his way back to the shore.

“First time swimming with three legs and he comes out of the water with a baby otter in his mouth!” Ella told FOX 9.

“I held him for a little while they tried to find his mom, but we couldn’t,” Lucy told Fox 9.

The ladies wrapped up the baby otter in a towel and took it to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota in Roseville. Luckily they made it to the center before they closed at 6 PM.

Ella said, “He was so cute. His eyes weren’t even open yet…you could just see his little fingernails and his little tail. He almost like curled into a little ball."

The otter pup was estimated to be about a week old. It should not have been swimming alone, but the mother was nowhere in sight when the two ladies looked for her. The little otter was transferred to another rehab facility and it is being taken care of. The center said the otter is doing well.

Ella told Fox 9, “I think Gus knew the otter was hurting and something was wrong…he definitely got a lot of treats afterward.”

Although Gus's owner, Cleo Young, thought Gus would not be able to run again after the amputation, he hasn't slowed down at all.

Young said, “He does just great on three legs. He runs as fast as he ever did.”

This extra good boy is going to be enjoying a lot of treats and bones!

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