Have you ever noticed a product that you absolutely do not need. You know a product that makes you want to go to a different page, Maybe let out a satifying yawn. Wish no more, cause we've got just the thing for you. From the makers of Tony's Tinkle, Louie's Leak, and Patty's Potty comes the new Scotts Wizz.

We've all been there, you've finished shoveling and now you want to put some salt down to clean up the job. You reach for the old plastic cup you have in your garage and you go to spread it, but you have problems either getting too much coverage or worse... not enough coverage.

Well, we have just the thing for you. Introducing Scott's Wizz. Now, it sounds like something you might get in trouble using within 50-feet of a school, but it totally revolutionalizes the broadcasting you need to get a nice even coverage of salt on your driveway.

They take all the guess work out of spreading salt on your driveway once you have Scott's Wizz in your hands. Whip it out and show your friends.

Just check out this guy's review. This thing is a gull damn miracle.

Now available at Home Depot, Amazon, and everywhere Soctts products are sold.

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