Our show is known for a couple of things. Talking about things that don't matter and going off on tangents while discussing things that don't matter. So, it's no surprise that as we're talking about Aerosmith we get an email from a listener describing how he gets free mayo packets when he forgets to pack some in his lunch.

We're not sure if this is true or even something that could possibly be morally reprehensible but our listener says:

If you packed a sammich in your lunch, and need some mayo, you can go through Culvers drive-through, without lying, and tell them you forgot the mayo. You say whatever number pops in your head, and they’ll gladly give you that many packets.

This is a game changer for anyone who travels and has to eat lunch on the run. We weren't sure about it so we asked some people and a another listener who works at Culver's said, "At Culver's we want all of our guests to leave happy."

So there you have it. This trick could save you one day.

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