Chicago's original and longest-running Pink Floyd tribute show, Think Floyd, is coming to the Quad Cities next month, and 97X has your tickets!

Since 2004, Think Floyd USA has been celebrating the music of Pink Floyd in the best way they know how.

Throughout the midwest and beyond, they've sold out record-breaking shows at fairs, fests, and sold-out indoor venues. Think Floyd USA has brought their engaging show to fans and critics alike to rave reviews.

The band uses the music of Pink Floyd, and what would a good Pink Floyd tribute be without a kickass light show to go with it?

As a group, Think Floyd has opened for acts like Toto and The Zombies, and they were even the featured performance on a Pink Floyd-themed Carnival Cruise.

Think Floyd will be at The Rust Belt in East Moline on Saturday, November 5th, and we have your tickets! Just enter the contest below.

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