Update: An hour after posting our blog, someone who saw it knew who the man was and told him he was caught on camera. He returned the air compressor saying that it is the only way he and his wife can have an income. While I feel bad for him, I also think there are several ways to take care of your family that don't require stealing from other hard-working people. But I digress.

Thank you Quad Cities for getting this family their property back.

Original Post:

Seems to me, that we've had a multitude of brazen thefts in the Quad City area lately, and the latest one I've seen takes the cake.

This morning while getting ready to start their day, a Davenport resident was in his garage when all of the sudden this dude drives by and notices an air compressor in a driveway. Clearly, this compressor doesn't belong to him, but he thinks he can take it anyway. Fortunately, there are more security cameras than ever in the United States (Thanks Ring).

By the looks of it, this dude is a scrapper, but I can't be sure. In talking to the victims I learned that this is the third time this has happened to them. Isn't that some BS? Does anyone recognize this guy or his vehicle? If so the Davenport Police Department would like to have a word with him. Here's their number (563) 326-7979.

Come on, Quad Cities, let's find this dude. Someone out there HAS to know who he is.

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