Did you do something dumb on Zoom yet? I'm assuming everyone has done at least one thing on this list. I've done at least 5 of these.

SWNS took a poll, and the results are pretty relatable.

  1. Talking without realizing you're still muted- 31%
  2. Saying something bad when you thought you were muted- 29%
  3. Someone came in and interrupted you, like a kid or spouse- 27%
  4. You forgot your camera was on and went to the bathroom- 22%
  5. Had someone walk through in the nude- 20%
  6. You weren't wearing pants and didn't realize people could tell- 18%
  7. Had someone do something embarrassing in the background- 18%
  8. Forgot to mute yourself before taking a screenshot of the call- 16%
  9. Got caught talking to your pets- 15%
  10. Yelled at your kids without muting yourself- 15%
  11. Forgot to change your background image- 13%
  12. Got caught day drinking on the job- 11%
  13. Fell asleep on camera and got caught- 9%

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