It's not possible to be the "cool dad" forever... whether you want to or not, eventually you'll become the not-so-cool dad. I say just embrace it and let it happen.

In honor of Father's Day, a new survey asked people for the signs that you've hit "peak dad." Here are the top 10:

  1. Laughing at your own bad jokes, 33%.
  2. Busting out bad dance moves, 32%.
  3. Embarrassing your kids on purpose, 31%.
  4. Always manning the grill, 30%.
  5. Constantly doing repairs around the house, 30%.
  6. Getting excited to go to home improvement stores, 29%.
  7. Spending lots of time in "the shed," 28%.
  8. Having "a chair," 28%.
  9. Taking mid-afternoon naps, 28%.
  10. Wearing cargo shorts, 28%.

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