A recent study found the average American checks their phone about 80 times a day. That's once every 12 minutes you're awake. Now a new study just looked at the top things that make us check our phones when we don't need to.

According to researchers at the University of Washington, here are the top four triggers that make us pull out our phone unnecessarily:

  1. Unoccupied moments, like waiting for a bus or standing in line for coffee. We basically use our phones to avoid moments of boredom. But lots of research shows a little boredom and daydreaming is actually good for you.
  2. Tedious and repetitive tasks. Either before we start them, or as an excuse to take a break. In other words, we use our phone as a distraction or an escape. So it's harder to concentrate, and the repetitive task just takes longer.
  3. When you're anticipating a message or notification. Like waiting for someone to text you back, or checking every two minutes to see if your delivery is on the way. It wastes time and can end up making you more anxious.
  4. Socially awkward situations. Like when you're waiting for friends at a bar and don't know anyone, your phone's DEFINITELY coming out. And that's fine. Just don't do it too much, or you'll end up in your own little bubble all the time.

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