Do you think pineapple is a weird topping to put on a pizza? How quaint. What do you think about throwing some peanut butter or tuna fish salad on one?

loading... just put together a list of the strangest pizza toppings you can order at different restaurants around the country. Here are of the weirdest:

  • Grapes at Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn.
  • Peanut butter at Randy's Wooster Street Pizza in Manchester, Connecticut.
  • Tuna fish salad at Gianfranco's in White Plains, New York.
  • Celery at Screaming Banshee Pizza in Bisbee, Arizona.
  • Bananas at Red's Pizza in Los Angeles.
  • An entire lobster at Florian in New York City.
  • Mustard at Papa's Tomato Pies in Robbinsville, New Jersey.
  • Chili, sour cream, cheese, and Fritos at Ian's in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Kimchi at Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis.
  • An entire Thanksgiving dinner at Fellini Pizzeria in Providence, Rhode Island.

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