The Quad Cities can lay claim to a variety of things: The inventor of the Dairy Queen Blizzard is from here. Happy Joe gave the world Taco Pizza and Mary Harris invented the pizza that bears our area's name here. John Deere moved to Moline so he could sell his steel plows all over the Midwest. The latest invention the Quad Cities can lay claim to is the hi top bowling shoe.

The Quad City Times says the shoe invented by Mark Clayburne, Rob Hausman and Dan Schons of Hollmark Shoes Trade Holdings are now available at the Twisterz Pro Shop inside Big River Bowling and online at Amazon. Hausman tells the Quad City Times that among older bowlers "ankle issues are a regular complaint." This shoe aims to help those people. At the same time younger bowlers at Big River Bowlers are embracing the shoe as well. Especially the black and yellow color combination.

Besides black and yellow, the shoes are available in red and gray and black and gray. The company hopes to offer more color combinations in the future including a pink line for women. No word on whether they'll offer the traditional bowling alley rental colors of tan, green and red. I hope they do.



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