Occasionally we all like to go a little above budget for someone special to us when it comes to Christmas, just to show them they mean a lot to us. Sometimes it's hard to find that gift that shows you care, but also that you dropped a hot buck on this one.

Look no further, the 2019 Neiman Marcus Christmas Fantasy Gift Catalogue is here. Some of this year's features include:

- An Aston Martin fit for James Bond, designed by Daniel Craig, comes with a free Omega watch. Oh, and you get to fly to London to watch your car come off the assembly line. Only $700,007.

- Ever heard of Mario Dedivanovic? Apparently he's Kim Kardashian's makeup guy, and pretty popular on Instagram. You can get that special someone a makeover from him and get the video on his Instagram, only $400,000.

- If you're more of a dog person than a people person, treat your best friend to a custom luxury dog home. Not sure how to get that perfect feng shui? Don't worry, you get a free video consultation with Denise Richards for some reason. Not a bad deal, starting at $70,000.

- The perfect gift for your wine lover, a Moet and Chandon vending machine, it's $35,000 but you get 350 mini bottles of champagne.

- A Versace Punching Bag for that perfect bougie workout, only $1,550, and you can get matching gloves for only $3,275.

Read more at Forbes.

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