A new survey asked 2,000 Americans to name the most embarrassing social situations you can encounter. And if the #1 answer in this poll seems fishy, it's probably because Robitussin sponsored it. But the rest of the top ten seem legit.

Here they are, in order . . .

1. Coughing in a quiet place. 52% of people in the poll said it's embarrassing.

2. Saying something stupid in front of your boss, 43%.

3. Forgetting someone's name, 40%

4. Passing gas in public, 37%. (Only 37% think that's embarrassing?)

5. Falling asleep in public, also 37%.

6. Having the hiccups in a work meeting, 36%.

7. Tripping in public, 36%.

8. Your significant other having a temper tantrum in public, 34%.

9. Your child having a temper tantrum in public, also 34%.

10. Public speaking, 32%.

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