There are tons of kids starting college right now and a lot of them are trying to figure out what to major in. This might help them if they want to make money someday. Which, you know, could be cool.

The website just ranked 162 different college majors from the most valuable to the least. It's mainly based on the average income, but also on the lowest unemployment rate, and potential to get an advanced degree.

The five most valuable majors are:

  • Naval architecture and marine engineering
  • Nuclear engineering
  • Pharmacy sciences
  • Genetics
  • Electrical engineering

All of those have an average income over $85,000 and an unemployment rate under 3%.

The five least valuable majors are:

  • Drama and theater arts
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Composition and rhetoric
  • Linguistics and comparative language and literature
  • Fine arts

All of those have an average income under $40,000 and an unemployment rate between 3.9% and 5.2%.

Read more at Bankrate.

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