Here's an opportunity to experience the Beatles' musical career in way you've never seen. The Magical History Tour brings together the most comprehensive collection of artifacts and memorabilia of the Fab Four.

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“Almost everyone knows their story, from their formative years in Liverpool and Hamburg, to the screaming fans across the world, and into the studio where they created some of the most groundbreaking music in history,” said Kim Findlay, president and CEO of the Putnam Museum. “And now, everyone has the chance to experience the incredible attraction of the Beatles in person.”

The exhibition will arrive to the Putnam on March 11th and will be around until June 4th. Here's what you can expect to see:

  • Beginnings, Influence and Life in Liverpool: The story begins by immersing you in the atmosphere of late 50s/early 60s Liverpool.
  • Life on the Road: Next, guests are swept up in the hysteria of the Beatles taking America, and the world, by storm.
  • Innovation in the Studio: This gallery gives visitors the chance to discover how the Beatles’ music was created: by mixing it themselves.
  • The Decade of the Break-up: The dissolution of the greatest rock band of all time leaves us all a bit sad – however it was not just an end, but also a beginning.

"Hard Day's Night" will be playing on the museum's giant screen throughout the run of the The Magical History Tour.

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