This is the time of year in the Quad Cities where the Fireworks stands pop up like dandelions.

The Crossroads Fireworks store in Bettendorf is now in their second year at the former Blockbuster building, filled to capacity with a huge selection of everything your backyard, neighborhood, or small militia needs for a fantastic light and sound display.

They always have 20% off for anyone that spends $100.00 (Which is easier to do year after year!)

But the BEST, BESTEST deal on Fireworks will be Today, when Michaels and I will be broadcasting over lunch. The deal is limited only to the time we are there, and only one per person.

Are you ready for the deal? Here it is..... Excalibur Shells.... 2 for 1. If you're not familiar with them, Excalibur is the top of the line, best artillery shell you can buy. They're the 2-inch canister shells that come 24 in a pack along with four tubes for shooting. Seriously, these shells are awesome and today you can get them 2 for 1 at Crossroads Fireworks.

But seriously. Take your lunch break at Crossroads Fireworks in Bettendorf Today.

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