Over the weekend, something extraordinary happened between two coworkers from Local 3 News. Riley Nagel, a reporter for the station, took a chance and asked Cornelia Nicholson, an anchor and reporter for the same news outlet, to be his wife.

Riley Nagel popped the question to Local 3 News anchor and reporter Cornelia Nicholson.
Riley Nagel popped the question to Local 3 News anchor and reporter Cornelia Nicholson.

On Air Proposal

The two had met previously while working together at NBC's Billings affiliate, and it seemed like Nagel had been planning this surprise for quite some time. During Nicholson's recording of a promotional video for the late news, Nagel showed up with flowers and a sparkling engagement ring in hand.

It was clear that Nicholson was caught off-guard by Nagel's proposal and couldn't hold back her emotions. But through her tears, she said yes, and everyone at Local 3 News was ecstatic for the happy couple.

Reading The Teleprompter

“Coming up right now we have the story of two journalists who just so happen to find love in the same industry,” read Nicholson from a teleprompter when she slowly started realizing what was happening. “News 3’s Riley Nagel joins us in the studio with a special report?”

Nagel entered the studio with a bouquet of roses and started talking about his partner and how they met four years ago at another station in Montana.

“You’re always pushing me to be better in news and other aspects of my life and I thought it’d be fitting to ask you this question here since we met in news,” Nagel said to the anchor before going on his knee to propose her for marriage.

Sharing on Social Media

Cornelia Nicholson posted the video on her Twitter page.

The video clip of the strange but lovely proposal went viral and was shown on-air during the 11 p.m. broadcast of the station that Nicholson anchored and was again telecasted in the early morning show on Monday.

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