Hundreds of teens broke into a Texas family's home and threw a huge "mansion rager" reminiscent of the movie Project X.


The party caused thousands of dollars in damages, and it all happened while the homeowners were out earlier this month.

Local high schoolers promoted the party for February 11th on social media, without consent from the homeowners - because they don't even know the homeowners.

“We started receiving numerous phone calls from our neighbors that there were kids on our water tower on our property, there were cars up and down the street, and kids were hopping over the front of our fence,” the homeowner, who requested anonymity, told Austin Fox 7.

The news outlet showed the aftermath of the party that took place in the home, which was promoted by a digital flyer that read "MANSION RAGER!! THIS SATURDAY BYOB BYOW," meaning to bring your own beer and weed. The party was listed to run from "7pm-🚔🚔" meaning the party goes until the cops show up.

After getting calls from neighbors about the party, the homeowner rushed home and found his broken front gate, the front door wide open, all the lights on and damage throughout the property.

“I saw they had thrown like avocados at the wall, there was damage to sheetrock and baseboards. They had thrown tools through the sheetrock of our garage. They had my daughter’s toys scattered around the property,” the homeowner told Fox 7.

His daughter is a toddler who isn't even in the school system, so how and why their home was selected to host the party is unknown.

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