I've had my fair share of conference calls via the webcam.  At the beginning of this pandemic I interviewed a handful of business owners about how they were changing their strategy to meet the needs of the overly-washed masses.

It was fun.  I learned a lot by doing these interviews.  I learned about the mindset of the small business owner pivoting to cater to new needs of the customer.  I learned about the passion that started small and grew to a franchise.  I learned how a new take on the same product can swing sales into action.

And I learned to lock the door and put a sign up saying "daddy's recording...please don't knock".

Below...a bored teenager walks into frame as his dad spouts on about political something something.

It was Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro who was being interviewed on MSNBC on Friday when his teenage son wandered into the room glued to his phone.  When he realized what was happening, he slowly backed away without his dad even seeing him.

I actually am surprised we haven't seen more of this.  With as many ZOOM calls as there have been over the summer and live interviews with randos from their living room...we haven't seen the kid popping into the live shot to ask mom or dad a question.

If I had done this as a child...I would have been sporting some Superman Underroos.

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