It's one thing to be accidentally overcharged by a couple of dollars or cents, but $5,000!? That is a noticeably ridiculous amount.

Three days ago, a video was uploaded to TikTok by user @kenzieraephoto that now has over 1 million views. The video shows a Taco Bell drive-through order screen, on it, a 5 Layer Beefy Burrito priced at $2.49, and a Chicken Quesadilla priced at $5,555.49.

"Hold on," Kenzie Rae says, "That's the funniest thing I've ever seen." As she zooms in on the total of her order, $5,919.25. She laughs, "I think that would have to be the world's most expensive Taco Bell order. Yeah, I'd like to not pay five thousand dollars for a chicken quesadilla."

A long pause of silence comes through the drive-through speaker, as the Taco Bell employee also seems confused and doesn't know what to do. "Just one-second ma'am," the employee says.

Although that is where the video ends, we assume they got the issue resolved and Kenzie Rae paid the normal $3.39 price for her Chicken Quesadilla.

Here is what the top commenters had to say:

Amanda Murphy: She was in there staring at her screen absolutely BAFFLED and had no idea how to fix it. 😅

Aleah Rimkus: Her “just one second” actually meant “idfk”

Cleopatra: I’ll take 12

Bethanne Williams: inflation really be hitting chicken prices 😳

yeah it’s liv: drunk me would pay it

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