My mom used to say, "well if Tim jumped off the Empire State Building would you?" and the answer of course is...not unless there were 100s of people before Tim that did it successfully with out any harm coming to them.

It's a numbers thing.  The odds of YOU being the one that the roller coaster breaks on, or the airplane goes down on or swing over a 6,500 ft canyon breaks on are very slim.

Are you a gambling person?  Me...not so much.  But be sure that when I'm gambling I'm going to take the safest bet possible.  It might not make me much money but the odds of me walking away with money in my pocket are much higher.

Penny slots for me, son.

Of course sometimes it's ok to not do the thing. If you're having a wonderful day in Russia you should already be thankful.  The sky is beautiful.  The mountains look amazing.  I don't think that jumping on a dicey looking swing and tempting fate is how I'd like to end my day...and or life.

Then again maybe they've got nothing to lose.

Just know that the officials stepped in and said this swing was not up to safety standards.

In Russia.

Not up to safety standards in Russia.  That's how effed up this swing was.

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