The suspect has been named in a shooting earlier this week that injured two police officers.

Police received a call Tuesday morning to an apartment complex, where a vendor doing some work in one of the buildings said he was assaulted. The vendor said the suspect, named Simba Lion, approached him with a handgun in a holster. The two started out arguing, then got into a physical altercation.

Police responded to the scene and came into contact with Simba in the hallway near his apartment. When they saw each other, Simba backed into the apartment.

The three got into a struggle, and Lion drew his gun and fired, hitting both officers in the legs. Secondary officers also responded at this point. Shots were fired by police and Simba was struck more than once. It's not clear if the injured officers shot him, or if the secondary officers did.

The officers were transported to the hospital, where they were treated and released that day. Lion was taken to another hospital, where he is still in critical condition, and also required surgery.

One of the officers injured has been with the police for 17 years, and the other has been around for 4 years.

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