The Walmart in Clinton was placed under lockdown today after a situation broke involving an armed suspect.

Jason Heinitz
Jason Heinitz

Drea Curtner, a Dwyer and Michaels listener, who was in Wal-Mart getting a phone card at the time of the incident, told me by phone:

"I saw someone run by me and then I hear someone else say, 'State Police--Freeze!'"

She was then directed out of the store. Once in her car, she called her employer. "I got in my car and told my boss I was going to be late!"

Her boss was glad to hear she was safe, and told her to take her time coming in. We're glad you're OK too, Drea!! We know she didn't lose her sense of humor, even in the face of a potentially serious situation.

"I didn't even have my coffee this morning--but this sure woke me up!"

Another witness, Jason Heinitz, told us:

"It started at Wild Rose Casino when he pulled out a gun, don't know all the details, but he left there and went into Walmart."

The suspect is now in police custody.

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