I don't claim to be a cat guy.  I don't claim to be anti-cat.  I tend to judge the situation on a cat by cat basis.  If the cat it nice...I'll pet it and enjoy it's company.  If the cat is mean or stuck-up...I'm perfectly fine not having anything to do with it.

We've had two cats.  Both strays.  I'm assuming they just get dropped off in the middle of the country and they find the nearest farmhouse that is occupied by suckers who put out food.  That'd be us.

My daughter is a HUGE animal lover so we've adopted anything and everything.  Frogs, ducks, chickens, dogs, fish, and of course cats.

We had a great cat!  Rosie.  She was litter trained and a great mouser.  She didn't care for the children so much, but at 8 & 4 who could blamer her?  She wouldn't cuddle with the kids but was a sturdy breed who didn't make a mess so she was a pleasure to have.

Hazel, however, is a cuddle monster and a decent mouser but pisses all over our basement.  So, she's not allowed in.  Unless it's 30 below zero and my other family members convince me to have a heart.  Even then...it's 1 night only!

@fred035schultz posted this video on the Twitter.  It's actual footage of me whenever my daughter wants to adopt another animal and bring it into the basement.

Check out this "meow from hell".  If I was that dog, I'd think twice about coming through that door.

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