According to a new survey, two-thirds of us would leave our job if we didn't feel appreciated. That's up 15% from five years ago. More money is the number one way we want to be rewarded with more vacation days was a close second.


Speaking of not feeling appreciated, here are some things people said they've gotten instead of a raise:

  1. An expired gift certificate.
  2. A large carving of a polar bear.
  3. A foam tombstone.
  4. A golden key to an executive bathroom that didn't exist.
  5. Socks.
  6. A small, custom-made statue that looked like the employee.
  7. A plaque that had a spelling error on it.
  8. Fresh meat from a hunting trip.
  9. A jacket that wasn't even close to the right size.
  10. Coupons for the grocery store.

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