Saturday night brings the perfect opportunity to show your family what Quad City hockey really is made of, with a matchup between the Quad City Storm (8-4-0) and their rivals, the Peoria Rivermen (7-3-1).

Sean Flynn
Sean Flynn

On top of what's sure to be a fun, energetic, and absolutely aggressive game, the team has also declared Saturday night to be Dollar Beer Night, meaning a special selection of beers will be priced at, you guessed it, one dollar.

This matchup will be sort of a vengeance game for the Storm, who fell to Peoria for the second time this season in a 0-3 loss Friday night, bringing the Cold War on 74 battle to a current standing of three wins for the Storm, and one for the Rivermen.

As well as Dollar Beer Night, the team is hosting a Holiday Sock Toss. After the first goal scored by the Quad City Storm, the team asks that new socks and undergarments would be thrown on the ice, to benefit the people who need them the most as the season turns colder. And I mean, come on, who doesn't want to throw stuff on the ice in celebration from time to time?

Some other exciting news that comes this morning is the return of a fan favorite, defenseman #8, David Brancik.

Brancik has been absent from the team so far this season, so fans are surely in for a treat when "Branch" returns to the ice.

Doors for the game open at 6, and puck drop is at 7:10.

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