You might not be a musician. You may have never heard of the word riff.  You don't have to have any music knowledge to know how powerful a good riff can be!  For the novice, let's just say Beavis & Butthead were famous for chanting along with some of the best riffs in rock.  Gibson has done some digging about the origins of some of the most iconic guitar parts ever!

Did you know the "Walk This Way" riff was influenced by James Brown?  Or that the intro riff of "Sweet Child o' Mine" was just a pattern that Slash was goofing around with? Or you're supposed to pluck the strings with your fingers instead of strumming "Smoke on the Water"?

Now the next time your loser buddies get on a rant about DLR vs Van Hagar, you can steer it towards a more intelligent conversation.  Like, the first time Keith Richards played "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" it was followed up by 40 minutes of him snoring.