If you've followed Jackass for any amount of time, or even watched a clip, you know Steve-O. He's the one who stuck a fish hook through his cheek and used himself as shark bait, sat in the porta-potty slingshot, and put a colony of bees on his junk.


Well, now that the Jackass train has slowed down for the original generation of players, Steve-O has moved on to a touring comedy career.

The ideas on Steve-O's Bucket List were so bad, he didn't think he'd go through with them, until it came time to get ready for the tour of the same name.

Not shying down from anything, he did everything on his bucket list and made a highly XXX-rated, multimedia comedy show out of them.

He'll be bringing the comedy show to Cedar Rapids' Paramount Theatre on July 10th.

Tickets are on sale, through CREventsLive or the Paramount box office.

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In the mean time, be sure to check out Steve-O in Jackass' newest film, Jackass Forever, where the group gets back together to redo some of their stunts they wish went better, and some new ones as well.

Steve-O falls victim to Johnny Knoxville's classic "Surprise Soccer Ball" prank, where he uses a pitching machine to launch a soccer ball at his victim's face. He also faces off against Machine Gun Kelly on stationary bikes attached to a giant hand. The loser is slapped off of their bike and into an icy cold pool.

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