Growing up, we had 2 rooms in the house that were air-conditioned: the family room and Mom and Dad's room.

Every summer I would drag my mattress to either room and set up shop to bask in the coolness.

God help you if you had to use the bathroom or grab food from the depths of Hell called 'the kitchen.'  We couldn't use the stove because it already felt like the walls would melt.  The air was so thick you could feel it weighing down your lungs as you sucked it down reluctantly before you got back to the safe cool confines of the family room.

Central air is such a gift. Up until 3 years ago, we had to drag out the giant window unit every summer.  It was 1970s heavy.  I should've gotten a dolly to drag it from the back room to the living room but instead, I just threw my back out every summer.

Then we'd have to hang the blankets.  I'd grab a staple gun and try not to destroy the wood trim in the process of hanging giant blankets on the doorway.

It looked bad.  But felt oh so good once you passed through from the hot ass kitchen to the cool, cool living room.

It's gonna get hot!

Scratch IS hot. That AC unit of yours is going to be working overtime.  Even the nighttime hours are going to be warm, so here are some ideas on how to not break the bank while staying cool this summer.

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