Just when he thought he had seen everything, Michigan State Trooper, Bill Strous, saw a man driving a banana down the highway.

Here's our conversation with Steve from this morning. Story continues below.


Steve Braithwaite was driving his handmade banana convertible about 70 some miles South of Detroit when the trooper pulled him over. And instead of getting a ticket the trooper slipped him $20.

Steve has been traveling the country on what he calls "The World Needs More Whimsy Grand Tour" and when the trooper pulled him over he assumed he would get some kind of ticket. But after the trooper conducted a safety check he handed the license back wrapped with a $20 bill.

Jessica Blankenship Bray via Facebook
Jessica Blankenship Bray via Facebook

Trooper Strous is just shy of retirement and wanted to do something nice.

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