My wife, Lori, and I were offered a Staycation from Rhythm City Casino!   Who could pass up the opportunity for a massage, meal, king suite and a Vince Neil show??

We made proper arrangements to get, send kids with my parents and we were off to the casino for some pre-game drinks and to get settled in our room.  We started with a bit of a hiccup when I realized we left the house without my broadcasting equipment. So, we headed back to the house, doubled checked everything and were on our way...again.

We checked into Rhythm City and went to our 3rd floor room and were blown away!  It had a bit of a 70's/chic vibe and was cool as hell!  From the kitchenette/dining room to the master bed & bath it was really classy joint.  I'll be honest, I felt a bit out of place wearing my tore up sneakers and 97X hoodie.  I should've been dressed a bit better.


Dwyer & I did a broadcast from the lobby for a couple hours before the show when we heard Vince Neil canceled his meet and greet.  Which was perfectly fine because we didn't want his flu.  We'd been following his Twitter feed and knew he'd been under the weather, but he still planned on doing the show.

We went backstage and Dana Strum, who plays bass with Vince and was in Slaughter too, was so gracious.  He apologized up and down to us for having to cancel the meet & greet and thanked us for the warm welcome both for this show and for bringing them to the fair last year with such short notice.

Dwyer & I went on stage to talk to the crowd settled backstage to watch for a couple songs. Immediately, we noticed the drummer, Zoltan was out of this world!  He was playing Dr. Feelgood & balancing a drumstick on the palm of his hand while not missing a beat!


We made our way to our seats for the night and enjoyed the show.  We could tell that Vince wasn't feeling great, but he powered through!  Rock & Roll...even with a 104 temp!

We had a blast!  Went and did a little gambling after the show and a few more beers and closed out the night by listening to the casino house band for the night, Mustang Sally and eating some appetizers at Draft Day.  Just what the doctor ordered!


I can't wait for another chance to do a staycation!  Right here in our own backyard we had great food, great amenities and a couple great shows.  We don't need to make a long crazy trip into Chicago for a getaway, Rhythm City has us covered!

Here's a quick iPhone video I made of our stay!


Bedroom TV/Fireplace
104 degree temp, but toughed it out!
Backstage at Vince Neil show
Classy joint