Sri Lankan Customs officials arrested a man who was trying to smuggle up 1kg of gold and jewellery in his rectum. That's just over two pounds of gold.

The 45-year-old was headed to India but was stopped at Colombo's international airport. Authorities discovered the hidden items, valued at 4.5 million rupees or $29,370. They spotted the suspect when he was "walking suspiciously".

Metal detectors revealed the gold, "carefully packed in polythene bags and neatly inserted". A spokesman for customs said, "Among that there were four yellow gold biscuits, three pieces of yellow gold, six yellow gold jewellery articles and two silver plated yellow gold jewellery articles."

Smugglers usually buy the gold in places where it's relatively cheap, like Dubai or Singapore. Then the sell it in India to turn a profit.

Sri Lanka Customs
Sri Lanka Customs

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