When life gives you lemons, dump them on a busy roadway?

A Phoenix apartment complex is concerned about some spilled lemons that fell on the road outside of their residence.

"Three weeks ago we noticed a lot of debris on the sidewalk outside the fence line on Southern Avenue," John Taylor, GM and resident of Southpoint Apartments, told CBS 5.

He reviewed camera footage and saw a truck driving by with lemons falling out of the top of it.

Taylor said the same thing happened on April 30th, and after a few hours, the lemons started to smell.

"Being an apartment guy, you're always worried about pest control issues," said Taylor. "You gotta keep dumpsters clean, sidewalks clean. I didn't want it to become a bigger issues."

This Thursday, there was another spill, this one of a higher magnitude.

"There was a huge spill that took out the bike lane and the sidewalk completely, first lane of traffic," said Taylor. "I got the name of the trucking company from the side of the cab, called it four times, and I get the same thing, that they don't have the voicemail loaded. There's no way to leave a message."

A spokesperson reached out to CBS 5 and told them they were looking into it.

"We have kids that go to school that way," said Taylor. "We have people who use that bike path regularly to go to work... I'd like to see them stop spilling lemons."

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