Listener Grant Harkness has been doing great things for the Wilton Community School District. He's leading the Wilton Observatory Project which will give students of all ages a new kind of experience.

The proposal for a space observatory and command center to be built on school grounds just got approved on Monday. The $58,000 building will be built on an unused plot of land behind the school and will have a roll-off roof.

If all continues to go according to plan, the observatory will be fully functional before the 2018-19 school year. The command center will be set up in a room inside the school, from there students can control the telescope and monitor the sky.

The project will be available to all students from Pre-K to high school seniors and is going to be integrated into the school's curriculum.

This observatory is being funded by contributions, not school funds. If you would like to make a donation, you can through PayPal – Wilton Observatory Project.

For more information on the project, click here to read all about it.

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