Saturday Night Live has been the benchmark by which all other sketch comedy shows are measured for more than four decades.

The program has been both an influence on and reflection of pop culture, while also launching the careers of many talented comedians. While the show has, rightfully, been praised for its humor, SNL has also remained a showcase for some of the biggest and brightest names in music.

SNL has maintained a symbiotic relationship with musicians over the course of its existence. Artists have used the show’s stage to debut new music, reveal lineup changes and feature once-in-a-lifetime collaborations.

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Even while the long-running series has fluctuated between hilarious seasons and those that would be classified as “not-so-much,” the show has consistently booked a wide assortment of talented musical artists. Queen, Elton John, Metallica, Prince, Paul Simon, Foo Fighters and David Bowie are just a handful of the many vaunted acts who have appeared on SNL.

Some of these performers were already established stars when they graced the 30 Rock stage, while others used the SNL spotlight to preview their future success. Whatever the period of their career, each artist managed to leave their mark on the late-night staple.

You'll find a mix of these in our below list of Saturday Night Live's Biggest Rock Moments.

Rock's 60 Biggest 'Saturday Night Live' Performances

Gallery Credit: Corey Irwin

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