If you hated meetings before this pandemic, you're probably enjoying all aspects about working from home other than people getting to peer into your home every time one of the bosses sends you a Zoom meeting code.

You just have to sit there and stare at all those tiny windows. Maybe you grabbed some Zoom Bingo cards, but even then, you just hope everyone has the free plan so this thing only has to last 40 minutes. Its even worse if you're in a meeting where you're not needed; you can't talk, you can't leave, you're just supposed to sit there and suffer. I say "No more."

How to Create a Looping Video 

  • Step One: Open Zoom's Desktop App and start a meeting
  • Step Two: Click Record in the menu bar, just look bored. Don't laugh, grimace, anything. Just look like you would in a normal lunch meeting.
  • Step Three: End meeting, let the video convert, then open your computer's video editing software
  • Step Four: Zoom's video's have a black screen at the beginning and end of their video, so just trim those off. Export your video.
  • Step Five: Open Zoom and click settings, move to Virtual Background
  • Step 6: Click the "+" button and select your video.
  • Step 7: COVER YOUR WEBCAMIf you're in the shot, then there's two of you, you're busted, you get in trouble for trying to skip the meeting, then the boss starts checking you to make sure you're actually there.
  • Step 8: Have a beer, you worked hard.
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