Sharon Osbourne had harsh words for former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Bob Daisley.

During an interview with Celebrity Access Encore, the Osbourne matriarch called Daisley a "sad old fuck" who "can't get over the fact" that he was fired from Ozzy's solo band.

Though Daisley performed alongside Ozzy for more than a decade, their working relationship was rife with conflict. Between 1980-91, the bassist contributed to six of Osbourne’s solo albums, including the seminal metal LPs Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman. Both of those albums have been a point of contention in recent years, as Daisley has sued the Osbournes several times over unpaid royalties.

The bassist has also continually asserted that Ozzy’s first post-Black Sabbath effort was envisioned as a band, not a solo project. Sharon Osbourne refuted those claims.

"Never, never, never,” Ozzy’s wife and manager declared, calling Daisley "a sad old fuck that played on two of the greatest albums in the [rock] genre, and he can't get over the fact that we didn't use him further. Like it was, 'Goodbye. See ya.' And he's never gotten over it.”

Sharon went on to accuse Daisley of trying to “change history.” “It was never a band," she said. "There's no way. It was Ozzy Osbourne."

Osbourne's comments are the latest shots fired in an ongoing feud. Daisley has filed several lawsuits claiming he is owed “millions of dollars” from royalties the Osbournes have withheld from him over the years. For the 2002 reissues of Blizzard Of Ozz and Diary of a Madman, the Osbournes replaced original recordings by Daisley with tracks from Ozzy's then-bassist Robert Trujillo. Sharon admitted the parts were changed "just to teach [Bob] a lesson."

Despite the ongoing drama, Daisley and the Osbournes continue to be business bedfellows. Just nine months ago, the bassist signed a new agreement with Ozzy’s Blizzard Music Limited company, encompassing the songs co-written by Daisley from the first two Osbourne solo albums. The bassist also expressed interest in working on new material with Osbourne, claiming he harbors no ill feelings toward the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.


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