A Louisiana senator has stirred up a lot of questions from citizens after a bizarre ending to questions asked by the press after he left a classified meeting about the recent UFOs that have been shot down in and around the United States.

Since February 4th, four objects have been shot down over North American airspace. The first was the Chinese spy balloon (identified by the Pentagon), but the U.S. Defense Department has not confirmed the source or type of three other objects that were shot down.

On Tuesday, the White House said that "considering as a leading explanation that these could be tied to commercial or research entities and benign."

This week, Senators received a classified briefing in a closed-doors meeting with officials from the Defense Department, NORAD, the United States Northern Command, and the Office for the Director of National Intelligence.

After the briefing, press swarmed the senators leaving the meetings, who all essentially told the press they couldn't say much about what was talked about in the room, but all wanted the public informed on what they had heard, particularly Louisiana Senator John Kennedy.

"It's clear to me this is not a recent phenomenon," he told reporters, saying "this has been going on" since at least 2017. "If you are confused, you understand the situation perfectly."

The clip going viral from the questioning of the senator was as he leaves the press members, and says "Lock your doors tonight."

This video clip is timestamped to 5:19, beginning with the senator saying "We have unity in confusion."

It's probably just an offhanded comment such as "Drive safe" or something like that.

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