It's hard to believe that the annual Dwyer & Michaels Halloween Costume Ball is already this Saturday. I can't wait to see what you freaks are going as.

Ever since Michaels and I started hosting this haunted shindig years ago, we've been continuously blown away by the caliber of costumes that show up. Everything from super realistic special effects makeup to stilt-walkers to incredibly detailed group costumes.

Here's a taste from the past few years to give you an idea:

Now to be fair, we do offer the largest cash prize in the area. This year we will be giving out $2,000 in cold hard cash to the best costumes in attendance.

Join us this Saturday, October 27th out at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. $20 tickets are still available online and at Halloween Express, which is also a great place to pick up a costume if you've been procrastinating.

Along with great tunes being played by Funktastic 5 and Electric Shock, Happy Joes will be feeding all of us with a FREE spread, and Bent River Brewing Company is returning with our special Halloween brew called "Scared Schlitz-Less".

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