Sebastian Bach issued an open invitation to his former Skid Row colleagues, asking them to join him on his upcoming tour -- but he admitted they were unlikely to accept.

Reunion talk has ebbed and flowed since the band fired him in 1996, and he argued that his next road trip, which runs from August to November, would be the perfect time for it to happen. He's performing Skid Row’s self-titled debut album, which was released in 1989, in its entirety.

“The record is near and dear to everyone’s heart the world over, and I’m finding this out by announcing this tour,” Bach told SiriusXM (via Blabbermouth). “We all know who the five guys are that made that record. I have an open invitation out to any of those guys, if they would like to get onstage and jam.”

He added that he doesn't "foresee that happening, but I’m throwing it out there. The bottom line is you only get so many 30 years. It doesn’t roll around too often, a 30-year anniversary. So, would I like to celebrate it with the original members? Yes, I would … Who knows if I’m gonna get hit by a truck tomorrow? So we’re kind of, like, getting older now. So we can either shit or get off the pot, I think the saying goes.”

Earlier this year, Bach recalled his terror of opening for Bon Jovi when Skid Row toured to promote their first LP. "I was so nervous that the first show we did, I had my eyes shut the whole set,” he said. “I’m not exaggerating, I couldn’t open my fucking eyes. I couldn't believe that I was on an arena stage doing a show. … I was used to being in the clubs ruling the night. Then I’d watch Bon Jovi and go, ‘I don't know what the fuck I’m doing.’ It was like going to school. It was an amazing education.”



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