I know he's probably running more of a non-profit, but I feel like a guy who runs a toy factory with the highest production numbers on the planet and being the same guy who makes the deliveries to every house on the planet in one night would mean there wasn't enough money in the world. I guess you have to make something though.

Santa Claus

The website Insure ran their annual estimation on Santa's salary, and with the money he makes, you could either be a hero to every kid on the planet, or a Rite-Aid pharmacist.

They calculated the salary based off Santa's jobs, which include:

  • Managing largest toy factory in the world
  • Reading letters
  • Doing his own private investigation work for naughty/nice list
  • Wrapping gifts
  • Caring for reindeer
  • Making deliveries

His $157,300 salary is actually up 2% from last year, where it was at about $153,000.

Read more at Insure.com

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