A Canadian man put on his Santa suit to break the Guinness World Record for heaviest sled.

Kevin Fast, a Lutheran Minister and seasonal Santa impersonator from Cobourg, Ontario, set his 32nd Guinness World Record this year by pulling a flatbed truck loaded with sleigh, reindeer statues, and gift boxes weighing 36,376.27 pounds.

"Getting a Guinness World Record, I rate that as some of the top things in my life. I love training to try to get one and when that record comes, it is the greatest feeling that you've made an achievement and it's world class," Fast said.

Kevin previously broke records for Heaviest Aircraft Pulled by a Man, Most People Supported on Shoulders, Heaviest House Pulled by a Man, and Heaviest Vehicle Pulled With an Arm Wrestling Move.

"My training is lifting weights, rocks and throwing logs. I pull pickup trucks up hills and that, I find, does the trick for me," Fast said.

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