Here's more proof how seriously teenagers take social media. They'd rather go to jail than deal with a life sentence of shame from being tagged in an ugly photo.

18-year-old Amy Sharp escaped from a jail in Surry Hills, Australia a few weeks ago. It's not clear what she was in for, but the cops gave her mugshot to a TV station. Then the station posted it on their Facebook page last Wednesday, and asked people for help tracking her down.

Well, Amy saw their post. She's not wearing makeup in the mugshot, her hair is kind of messy, and she looks pretty disheveled. So she left a message on the TV station's Facebook page asking them to swap in a better photo of her. She even uploaded the specific photo she wanted them to use.


The cops caught her about 24 hours later. They wouldn't say whether her Facebook post helped them track her, but you have to assume that at least it motivated them to step up their manhunt.

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