You remember Great River Brewing Co, right?  They had a great spot...2 downtown Davenport until the flood washed them away.  Sucks too!  It was always nice having a brewery so close to the Rock & Roll Mansion.

Well the good news can't keep a good beer down!  (ok...bad choice of words)

Great River is now Great Revivalist Brew Lab and they've moved to Geneseo where they have 24 taps loaded with craft beers and craft sodas with an "experimental edge".  Thus, the "Lab" portion of their name.  In addition to the beers, their brewery is a full restaurant with their Woodfire pizza, Mango-heat poutine, and Mahi St. Tacos.

They're in the old Lionstone in Geneseo and this Thursday you can join them for live music, great food, great beer for an even greater cause.

Great Revivalist Brewing Company (formerly Great River Brewery) and the River Music Experience are longtime friends and partners. Whether it's special fundraisers, Wax Wednesdays, or helping each other fight the flood, we've been in it together through thick and thin.
-Great Revivalist Brew Lab
Thursday they'll be celebrating GRB's new name and location, and helping to support RME's programs and educational opportunities.
Come support the brewery, make a donation to RME's musical mission, and enjoy some tunes outside by Don Gustofson!
  • **$1 from each GRB Brew Lab pint will be donated to RME!**
  • Donations made to RME at this event will support educational and live music programs throughout the Quad Cities, including the new Music Lab children’s music show, Curbside Concerts, and school programs.
 Learn more about our campaign:
Great Revivalist Brew Lab
1225 S Oakwood Ave Geneseo, IL 61254

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