Memorial Day Weekend is far and wide considered the unofficial beginning of Summer. But this year, Mother Nature is determined to remind us just how unofficial it is.

Though we didn't quite as much rain as expected over the long weekend, we're certainly getting a ton this week. I've had at least three flash flood alerts pop up on my phone and cause near heart attacks.

Unfortunately, more rain means more chance of flooding again. And that means more road closures. According to the Quad City Times, River Drive has already been closed down again in Davenport.

It was closed only partly, as of this morning, but by 9 a.m., the rest went with it. At this point, do you even remember your usual route to and from work?

This year has already been the worst flooding the Quad Cities have seen, so with levels expected to rise yet again, everyone's nervous. Hopefully, precautionary efforts are enough.

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