If you lived through 9/11, you swore you'd never forget. And if you're like me, you haven't forgotten. But you may not have done much else either. I was feeling that way before I visited the 9/11 Museum built on the site of the original twin towers. I still shudder when I think about descending into that grave.

I left that place renewed in my promise to never forget. To never forget the lives of those lost, and those who died trying to save them. It had a profound effect on me, seeing the ruins up close, looking at the twisted metal and crushed concrete that still entomb some of the victims to this day. It's something everyone should do. It's the ultimate gesture in your promise that day to, "Never Forget."

Until you arrive at the footprint of the twin towers, the 9/11 NEVER FORGET Mobile Exhibit might just be the best way for you to keep that promise you made. It's a 1000 sq. foot rolling reminder of the sacrifices some people made that day, and an up close look at the devastation that can happen anytime our freedoms are threatened. And it's coming to Clinton, IA on June 1st. A free exhibit hosted by The Wild Rose Casino.

Wild Rose Casino & Resort
Wild Rose Casino & Resort

The exhibit is hosted by NYC firefighters, brothers of those 343 lost on 9/11. They speak a language all their own. One of dedication, brotherhood, and hope. These guys know the story they're telling you like the back of their hand. Some have lost friends, some family. Some were beside the ruins on that day, and they don't know why they survived.

You can also touch donated artifacts from that historic day, and hear voices locked in time. Seeing these puzzle pieces of a tragic day long ago will help you "Never Forget."

Get more information about the memorial at the Tunnel to Tower Foundation.

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