I had just been hired a few months ago to do part-time work on 97X.  Overnights on the weekends were PRIME TIME...for drunken crazies.  Some actually thought we were talking specifically to THEM.  (we were, but don't tell them, ok?)

Sammy Hagar had just gotten fired from Van Halen and released Marching To Mars (still an incredible album).

I remember Matt & Homey (our morning show at the time) interviewed him a couple days before the show.  He talked a bit of smack about the VH brothers and talked about a new brand of tequila (he'd eventually sell 80% of his stake for 80 Million dollars!)

1. Marching to Mars
2. There's Only One Way to Rock
3. Returning Home
4. Who Has The Right?
5. Why Can't This Be Love
6. I'll Fall in Love Again
7. Salvation on Sand Hill
8. Cabo Wabo
9. Finish What Ya Started
10. I Can't Drive 55
11. Bad Motor Scooter >
12. Keep A-Knockin' (but You Can't Come In)
13. Good Rockin' Tonight
14. Kama
15. Right Now
16. Three Lock Box
17. Little White Lie
18. The Yogi's So High (I'm Stoned)
19. Eagles Fly
20. Dreams
21. Marching to Mars

You HAVE to check out these backstage photos of that night.  They SCREAM 1997!  Recognize anyone?

Bill Stage, Townsquare Media