A woman in New York called 911 around midnight on Tuesday, after she heard a guy screaming from inside one of the walls in her apartment.

The cops haven't released the guy's name and age, but apparently he lives in the building too. So how did he get in there? Well, it turned out he was trying to get to a secret swimming pool in the basement that didn't actually exist.

He went up on the roof, stripped down to his underwear, and removed an exhaust fan from a vent. Then he jumped into the ventilation shaft, fell five floors, and somehow didn't die.

The vent was just big enough for him to fit in. So apparently he slid down and didn't fall very fast. The fire department had to bust through the woman's wall to get him out, but he only ended up with minor injuries.

According to the cops, he wasn't drunk when he did it, and it's not clear if he had to pass a psych evaluation or not. He was treated at a nearby hospital and then released.

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