A new kid-friendly holiday tradition is here to shelve "that creepy little elf." Adam Reed is dad who thought there was a better, less stressful way for his daughter to look forward to Christmas.

Adam Reed
Adam Reed

The Reindeer in Here is similar to Elf on the Shelf in that its a toy that shows up holidays, only this toy doesn't report bad behavior to Santa. Nope, Reindeer in Here helps Santa pick out the perfect gift for the child.

Children name their reindeer and it hangs around all season. Kids are encouraged to interact with it and take it anywhere they go. As a plus, parents don't have to keep coming up with new scenarios for the reindeer like the elf.

Adam encourages parents to #ShelftheElf and start a new tradition for their children.

Check it out at Reindeer in Here.

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