Rascals Live in Moline erupted last night, its stage overflowing with the powerful sound of Beasto Blanco, a concoction dreamed up by guitarists Chris "Brother" Latham and Chuck Garric in 2012. Jan LeGrow on bass, with drummer Sean Sellers round out the music, with Calico Cooper adding vocals to Garrics' growl.

Both Garric and Cooper drive the show, Cooper stalking the stage from side to side, adding a caged-animal aspect to their evening, is just part of what the pair says is a show that lives and breathes differently every night. Garrics' songwriting and vocals are on the edge of control through the whole performance.

Mark Detl 2017

The band started with songs from their latest album, "We Are," and told a tale sprinkled with 'classics' from their self-titled 2016 debut. 'Death Rattle' is a crowd favorite and creepy sing-along from Cooper. And their updated Alice Cooper classic 'Feed My Frankenstein' is probably still echoing through the intimate Rascals setting.

Mark Detl

Nashville's Sin Shake Sin opened the show, running through a quick set of the style that has kept them in Billboards sights since 2016. They just released "The Mess We've Made," a second album from producer/songwriter Stacy Hogan.

My ears are ringing, but my brain is celebrating a great night a bombast from the little rock-and-roll bar that could, Rascals Live in Moline.


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