Colder weather, paired with snow, is headed for the Quad Cities this weekend, with temperatures dipping below zero.

Saturday, February 6th brings a 50% chance of snow with a low of -9º.

The high for next work week (February 8th-12th) will only reach a meager 10º.

Here's the layout so far, as reported by The Weather Channel:

  • Saturday: 10º/-9º
  • Sunday: 2º/-9º
  • Monday: 7º/-6º
  • Tuesday: 9º/-6º
  • Wednesday: 9º/-11º
  • Thursday: 3º/-9º
  • Friday: 10º/0º

Be sure to bundle up, and be sure to remember that frostbite occurs within minutes to exposed skin, and the risks are higher as the wind picks up.


Stay warm, stay safe, and give yourself some extra time to scrape off the windshield.

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